What makes the LUNASOL Cosmetics unique?

LUNASOL Cosmetics
LUNASOL's garden - a symbol for the harmony of nature and mankind

LUNASOL-Cosmetics harmonize with the nature of our skin: externally they protect the skin and internally they give us the beauty of the plant's soul – 
LUNASOL-Cosmetics and the skin are mirror images of the soul!

LUNASOL-Cosmetics are made without artificial conservatives from unique medicinal herbs and blossoms from our own garden, valuable oils and precious alchemical extracts and essences of our own manufacture.

LUNASOL-Cosmetics were developed without animal experiments according to the alchemical background of our SOLUNA Laboratory. The resulting products are the most precious extracts and essences which are certainly "more" for the skin than simply the total sum of their ingredients!

LUNASOL-Cosmetics are created in a series of extremely time-intensive processes in dedicated manual labor, in small-volume glass vessels in our own laboratory and in rooms designed on geomantic principles – straight from nature up to and including sales.