SOLUNA Remedies Homeopathic remedies in the alchemical tradition

The SOLUNA Remedies - the SOLUNATES

SOLUNA-Remedies comprise a holistic therapeutic system of 28 different health remedies. They are subject to sale by pharmacists only and can be procured in any German pharmacy in 50ml and 100ml bottles.

SOLUNA-Remedies combine the advantages of phytotherapy with those of classical homeopathy: their "physical" active ingredients strengthen the body and their "soul and spirit principles" or homeopathic active ingredients strengthen the soul and spirit!

SOLUNA-Remedies are combination homeopathic preparations made of medicinal herbs, metals and minerals. Experience has shown that their scope of application is therefore both deep and extensive.

SOLUNA-Remedies are made from ingredients which we cultivate and compose ourselves: the medicinal herbs are from our own herb garden in the Italian Alps and the healing properties of the metals and minerals are “opened" in our own laboratory, using the principles of the alchemical tradition.

SOLUNA-Remedies are created in a unique homeopathic potentiating cycle: since 1921 they are potentiated homeopathically with every batch cycle and are thus "more" than the sum of their ingredients!

SOLUNA-Remedies correspond to all characteristics of "astrological homeopathy" of the famous physician and alchemist Paracelsus. Much later in time, Hahnemann developed classical homeopathy on this basis.

SOLUNA-Remedies were conceived by one of the greatest alchemists of the last century: Alexander von Bernus (1880–1965). Over the course of four decades, he developed the SOLUNA line.

SOLUNA-Remedies are timeless: they have been continually applied for almost 100 years in naturopathic practice and the tradition of their composition (and their method of manufacture) has been completely retained and recognized to this day.

SOLUNA-Remedies are produced in highly complex and protracted processes involving careful manual labor, in small-volume glass vessels and in rooms designed on geomantic principles – straight from nature in our own laboratory up until the time of sale.

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