"Distillates" of LUNASOL-Cosmetics

LUNASOL´s destillation – the extraction of “spirit” and “soul” of the medical plants
LUNASOL´s destillation – a time-intensive alchemical operation

In the LUNASOL distillation process, healing plants and flowers from our garden are steeped in our own spring water and carefully distilled over the course of two days, without speeding things up by cooling the water – after all, “A good thing takes time!”

In keeping with the alchemical laboratory tradition, distillation takes place in rooms designed on geomantic principles and only small volume glass vessels are used.  

According to alchemical philosophy, the essential soul and spirit principles of the plant – its essential oils, aromas and the information about the plant’s essence carried by water – are dissolved and potentiated during the distillation process and are captured in the distillate.

The precious distillates intensify the soul-and-spirit sphere of LUNASOL-Cosmetics.