History of LUNASOL-Cosmetics

Alchemy is the mother of all sciences

The alchemical masters of occidental medicine lived in harmony with nature. Accordingly, it was revealed to them what natural substances have beneficial effects on human nature and human skin, as well as the best times to acquire them and optimal processing methods.


The SOLUNA Remedies – homoeopathic remedies based on alchemical tradition

The alchemist Alexander von Bernus (1880-1965) brought the Old Masters’ wealth of experience into the modern world. In 1921 he set up the SOLUNA Laboratory, where he developed the SOLUNA Pharmaceutical System:
SOLUNA Remedies –
Homoeopathic remedies in the alchemical tradition.


The LUNASOL Cosmetics – natural cosmetics based on alchemical tradition

We have combined our experience in making medicaments, extending back over almost a hundred years, with the handwritten medicinal formulas passed down from Bernus and the exquisite healing plants and flowers of our garden.
The result has been a consistent system of natural cosmetics, which makes the timeless wealth of the alchemical masters something you can actually feel on your skin.
LUNASOL-Cosmetics –
Consistent natural cosmetics in the alchemical tradition.