Alchemy of LUNASOL-Cosmetics

Alchemy is the transformation of nature into its predestined perfection. The alchemist follows the process of transformation, which nature unveils, so that he can ennoble the substances of nature in his laboratory in similar fashion.


The cycle of life dissolves life forms and recombines natural substances into a higher form of life. In Greek “spáein” means to dissolve and “ágeirein” to combine. The “spagyric” art is the process of transformation that has been revealed by nature.   


The soul and body symbolize the LUNAr pole of life:
LUNA, also known as yin or the archetypal feminine, is the patient, receptive and birthing principle.

The spirit illustrates the SOLar pole: SOL, also known as yang and or the archetypal masculine, is the active and forming principle.

Alchemy is the spagyric art of life. It brings LUNA and SOL into the unity that is perfection: LUNASOL.